It is important that parents fulfil their financial commitments to the school faithfully and promptly for the effective support of the programme. For a clear understanding of your financial commitment, please refer to the following:

Enrollment Fee Structure

Total Payable SGD 1,100
Enrollment Fee* SGD 1,000
Diagnostic Fee* SGD 100

School Fee Structure

Total Payable SGD 12,960 per year SGD 2,160 Bi-Monthly
School Fees** SGD 12,000 per year SGD 2,000 Bi-Monthly
Material Fees*** SGD 960 per year SGD 160 Bi-Monthly

*Diagnostic Test is compulsory for enrolment as it will determine the student’s performance and curriculum level. Diagnostic Test Fee and Enrolment Fee are charged once only.
**School Fee would include Tuition, Supervision and the use of the school resources which would include computer programmes, electronic paces and library etc.
***Materials Fee covers Paces, materials, tea-breaks and other incidentals.

School Fees and Materials Fees are charged on a bi-monthly instalment basis and are to be paid in advance every two months. The first instalment of School Fee is payable together with the Enrolment Fee on the day of application. Subsequent instalment will be due at the end of the preceding two months period. If a student starts school part-way through an academic year, the first instalment of School Fee will be pro-rated, taking into account the number of school weeks elapsed since the start of the year.

Fee Payment Schedule

Installment Schedule Amount Date Due
January-February SGD 2,160 End of December (Of preceding year)
March - April SGD 2,160 End of February
May - June SGD 2,160 End of April
July - August SGD 2,160 End of June
September - October SGD 2,160 End of August
November - December SGD 2,160 End of October

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