The Essential Features of the Best Private Schools in Singapore

The Essential Features of the Best Private Schools in Singapore

The Academic Program

The best private secondary schools in Singapore provide an effective educational curriculum to capture the individual needs and learning styles of each student. A small class, individualized attention and a mastery-based philosophy set the students’ pathway to the best colleges. They aim to enhance academic excellence by nurturing a love for learning, inculcate creativity and critical thinking skills through a student-centred approach to education. The best schools have specific plans to prepare the students for a college of their choice.

Students in the best private schools learn to set reasonable goals and receive motivation through encouragement and support, and achieve control through guidance and discipline. Students’ learning is measured, which relates to accountability. Such assessments are not used to communicate grades or rank students. They are used to create a better understanding of the students’ learning and guide the individual learners on their journey to academic achievement. The students receive recognition and rewards for their effort and achievement.

The best private schools use technology to enhance the learning process of the students. However, they also understand the limitations technology has in certain areas of learning. For example, technology should not be used as substitute for manual tools such as writing or teacher-student interaction which are important in an effective learning environment. It should be used to improve the learning process and introduce new educational opportunities.

Overall Student Development

The best private schools believe that education is not just about intellectual achievement, but the holistic development of the child. A child’s holistic development encompasses the heart, mind and the body.

The best private schools believe in instilling moral and godly values into the heart of every student. They see value in investing in the student’s character, thus equipping him or her to thrive not only academically but socially in the outside world.

The best private schools are committed to encouraging and providing sports programs. Students train to be discipline, develop character, compete, and build a healthy lifestyle.

Drama, arts, and music are some disciplines that develop creativity, confidence and the art of human expression. They play a vital role in preparing students for success in their career and personal life.

School Culture

A good private school is a student-centred school. Every decision in the school is made in the best interest of the students.

The school is a place where every student feels safe and secure, free not only from outside threats, but discrimination, bullying or harassment within the school community. It is a place where every student is accepted by the community, valued as an individual and supported by supervisors, teachers and staff.

Besides fostering a warm environment within the school, the best private schools also extend their goodwill to the community around them. They promote activities such as the Community Involvement Program to inculcate love and compassion in the students.


The best private schools are purpose-driven. They are driven by visions and values that are clearly defined and understood. They are supported by both the hard and soft infrastructures that promote the success of the students. Besides the physical facilities, the schools ensure teachers and staff are trained so that the students can experience a more fruitful and valuable engagement with their teachers.

The channels of communication between the parents and the school are open and regular. The best private schools forge a strong partnership with parents in the education of their children.